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Diablo 1 Takes a Portal to GoG.com with QoL Improvements Including Hi-Res Support

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Even though Diablo 2 has been available as a "classic game" on Battle.Net for years, Diablo 1 never has been...until now. The game has never appeared anywhere else except in physical editions. However, all that has changed with today's release of Diablo 1 over at GoG.com for $9.99. This marks a turning point for Blizzard games that have never appeared in any other form than physical and / or on Battle.Net.

The announcement was made on the Diablo 3 site where it reads in part:

Q: What is different between the Battle.net and GOG-enhanced versions of the game?

A: The original Battle.net version of the game is completely unchanged and allows players to connect to one another through Blizzard’s Battle.net online-gaming service.

The GOG-enhanced version offers several quality of life additions, including minor audio fixes, up-scaling support for resolution and refresh rate control, and compatibility fixes. Please note that this version cannot connect to Battle.net and only supports multiplayer via LAN and P2P connection.

Read the full announcement on the Diablo 3 site or head straight to GoG.com to claim your piece of Tristram!


Suzie Ford

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