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Devs Still Want Your Legacy of the Sith PTS Feedback for Star Wars: The Old Republic

There are rewards in it for you.

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With Legacy of the Sith coming in just under a month, the Star Wars: The Old Republic PTS is still running to test many of the overhauled systems, story, and new features coming in the expansion. The team is reminding everyone that there are rewards for testing the new content and helping the team get to the finish line.

When logging into the PTS, there are certain rewards to earn by completing several tasks. Just by logging into the PTS you can earn a new title “Lead the Charge“, while completing the class story on any class earns you a different title, “First Line of Defense”. Of note, both of these titles have not been available since the PTS before the game originally launched just over 10 years ago. Completing the expansion story content available also nabs you a new title “The Cutting Edge“. With the game having a yearlong anniversary celebration, complete with returning items, these reward titles sure fit.

Given that it’s the final push towards what is going to not just be a huge expansion, but overall big updates in 7.0 for the game as a whole in an effort to keep moving forward as SWTOR begins its 11th year.

By reaching item rating 322 with one of your characters and completing the PVP, Heroic, and Flashpoint weekly missions you’ll get additional titles as well as Kai Zykken’s MK-85 log mount. If you do all of the above, you’ll get a different mount and an additional title.

All awards will arrive when the expansion launches on February 15th. There's still time to get in and test the features and give feedback to the developers on all the changes coming, from gearing to itemization, scaling, and more. 

For more, see the list of rewards here at Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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