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Devs Still Speeding to Open Beta Release

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The World of Speed Steam page has been updated with a series of blog posts to close out the weekend. In each, the team discusses ongoing progress being made to bring the game closer to the open beta phase of development. Most notably Ranked Races are still a work in progress, but that devs are working as quickly as possible to bring the open beta closer to release and beginning to think about post-release content.

ewcomers and more forgiving to players who deal with consecutive losses. Plus, we want to encourage players who reach certain leagues to move forward without worrying about a possible demotion. 

  • Ranked Races are now available for queueing 24/7
  • Numbers of gained and lost ranked points changed from -20/-10/10/20 to -100/-50/50/100 respectively.
  • League caps increased from 1000 points necessary to promote to 2000 points.
  • Negative points multiplier for taking 3d or 4th place for several times in a row removed.
  • Positive points multiplier is now limited to x2 and is applied after taking 1st or 2d place for two times in a row.
  • All Titan Leagues, Platinum 3 League, Diamond 3 League, and Master League are now “safe”. Players can no longer be demoted to the lower League.
  • Network code algorithms for the Ranked matchmaking updated.

Check out the latest series of updates on the World of Speed Steam page.

Thanks, WNxbadboy3!


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