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Devs Preview New Server Back-Up Feature for Final Fantasy XIV

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Final Fantasy XIV team has posted a new developer blog to introduce players to one of the big new features coming with Patch 4.45: The Server Back-Up feature. Using this, players can "transfer configuration settings between PCs, as well as restor[e] configuration data when needed". When it launches with Patch 4.45, it will be for PC only at first. Once it is stabile, it will be also become available to PS4 players.

The new backup feature we're implementing will allow you to back up the configuration settings, normally saved on the client-side, to the server.

This means you'll be able to back-up the following data:

• HUD Layouts • Hotbar Settings • System Configuration Settings • Character Configuration Settings • User Macros • Other general settings (such as log text colors, the size of Bahamut-egi, etc.)

By backing up these settings to the server, you'll be able to play from any platform or on a new PC with the same settings!

Read more of the nuts and bolts on how the system works by visiting the Final Fantasy XIV site.


Suzie Ford

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