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Devs Outline Temtem's Monetization Plans, From All-Cosmetic Shop to Earning Season Passes By Playing

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Temtem’s newest reveals leading up to September’s launch out of Early Access are about monetization details the season pass, and what to expect from the shop.

As far as monetization goes, the developers at Crema have already said that the premium store of the season Tamer Pass will be completely cosmetic. They’re reiterating this in the new update with the intention of transparency on all of the microtransactions and currencies featured.

The Tamer Pass will have two tracks, like most battle pass types in various games, with free and premium options. The free pass will let you earn about 20 items per season, while the premium version gives you those 20 and about 60 more. Both tiers will also grant weekly quests that challenge you to explore the game with 4 for free tier and 8 for premium. If you complete these, you’ll earn Tamer Pass XP and some Novas.

Novas are the premium currency for the game (though there will also be something called Feathers they gave almost no details on). Novas will be something you can both buy and also earn some for free by playing, and they don’t expire. This will let you earn and save some currency to buy some of the premium items, including the Tamer Pass. If you complete the Premium track for the pass, you will have earned enough Novas to buy your next pass for no additional cost.

The Premium Store will feature a series of rotating cosmetic items, with three curated feature items and four regular items randomly selected for each user. Novas are the only currency accepted for the featured items but at least one regular item will be available for Feathers you earn by playing.

Tamer Passes and the premium store will both launch sometime during the launch window, which doesn’t necessarily mean everything on day one. But they are reassuring the community that none of these items will give you any sort of advantage.

For more on the systems, including a few examples of what they might feature, head over to Temtem.


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