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Devs Conclude a Week of Temtem Reveals With an Intro to Tamers Island, Challenges, New Currencies, and More

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Temtem’s  week of 1.0 spoilers has come to a conclusion, with some final rounds of reveals of what we can expect when the final version is out on September 6th. These updates cover The Tamers Paradise, the last island in the archipelago, the currency called feathers, and rewards.

Previously known as the endgame Island, now Tamers Paradise has a name. Gain access after completing an endgame quest and head to the island resort. There will be six weekly activities that will be represented by 6 different facilities. These six don't have final names but their prototype names are: Archtamers, Draft, Tower, Wild, Roguelite and Lair.

Five of these will cost a token to access, with players getting five each week for free. Archtamers won’t require a token since it’s essentially a regular activity where you rematch with the Archtamers and try to beat them with the same team and items throughout. Others will have their own mechanics, and these will range from limitation to untamed tems and only a certain amount of items can be used, to a draft mode where you can claim one of your rival’s tems if you defeat them, to an instanced, randomly-generated dungeon.

When it comes to feathers, they’re a new currency in the game. You will be able to get feathers by completing all kinds of activities and these will be yours to earn for free. Their goal with having another currency is to limit RNG so that you'll be able to keep earning your feathers in a predictable way so you can save up to buy what you want. Some items you will be able to buy include radars,cosmetics, and more.

On a related note, they've also announced they will be drastically reducing the price of cosmetic and housing items you can buy in the regular stores around the archipelago, and adding more housing and cosmetics there. 

There’s also info on the last breeder route, which will follow an aquarium theme.

For more, head over to Temtem.


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