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Devout Classes and Soul Essence Shards Discussed in Camelot Unchained Update

Providing player incentive

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Camelot Unchained update looks at devout classes and soul essence shards.

Regarding the soul essence shards, the team has added a temporary version of Soul pickups for purposes of testing. For now, Soul Essence will be dropped by players who die. This can be picked up by the enemy who killed them. These essences may grant some bonuses such as increased health, damage, and healing power, but only for a limited time. The goal here is to provide some additional incentive for killing enemies, in addition to avoid being killed.

The team also provided an update on Devout Classes, with all the non-resurrection runes already drafted. Shapes are done as well, but may require additional tech improvements. As for what remains?

“What remains (Infusions, Foci, and something called Modals for the Helbound) are on the horizon. Then we can start testing all of these components for obvious bugs or flaws in the logic. With the ability components done we will go back and take a pass at the class Traits (it may seem weird to do something for character creation last, but many of them modify how certain aspects of abilities work, so it’s best to know how exactly those components are constructed).”

You can catch up on the extensive update here.


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