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Development Team Details Philosophies for Ongoing Improvements

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The RaiderZ team has posted an extensive developer blog post on the game's official Facebook page to lay out the philosophy guiding the overhaul of several key systems. Systems under the current development microscope include Hit Detection, Graphics Quality, and the World Map.

  • Developers found "some lack of accuracy" in the attack and defense mechanisms and are considering different ways to approach the issue. At this point, attack detection will be split into two parts to "make a better synergy". Monster hit detection will be improved first.
  • Over time, all graphics in the game will be refined beginning with items. Each will be redrawn and remodeled.
  • The World Map will be remade by "plugging in the RaiderZ's scattered maps and referring to characteristics, climate and geographical features" of each.

Check out the full details on the RaiderZ Facebook page.

Thanks, Leiloni, for the tip!


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