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Developers Detail Combat System Changes

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The RaiderZ Facebook page has been updated with a discussion of combat changes that will be implemented in the game. Most notably, the dodge mechanic is being retooled to remove the "invincible" feel of players being able to completely avoid an enemy's attack. Devs felt that the dodge function and the avoidance of an enemy's attack "were unreasonable".

Players will not be able to avoid the Veinus’s stone statue with the ‘dodge’ function that rolls against the stone statue. the ‘dodge’ function is no longer ‘invincible’, so player’s own skills will be more needed. players have to react more faster, and move to the proper position, use the diverse skills to fit the situation. Also, this ‘dodge’ function is related to changing of the long range projectile in future. So we are very focusing on this.

Read the full post on the RaiderZ Facebook page.

Thanks for the tip, Leiloni!


Suzie Ford

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