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Developers Announce SAGA Kingdoms

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The developers of the original SAGA MMO have announced that they are working on a a "truly massive MMORTS" for PC, Mac and Android devices. The group, Gnome Templar, have mounted a KickStarter campaign to assist in the development of SAGA Kingdoms with the goal to bring in $100,000.

SAGA Kingdoms is a living world

In addition to constructing their own kingdoms, players will be able to take over outposts in the world and join guilds to form mighty empires. SAGA Kingdoms is more than just a Player-vs-Player game. Like every true MMO, the world of Gaia is filled with hundreds of quests and challenges. Some can be overcome alone, but many others will require groups of players to conquer. Of course the toughest quests will reward success with the most powerful magic items.

SAGA Kingdoms on Mobile

Instead of trying to hammer a full featured RTS into a mobile device or reduce features in the PC version, Saga Kingdoms transforms into an RPG on iOS and Android. Players will be able to choose any of the heroes leading their army and go on quests in the mobile version. These heroes will continue to gain experience and bring back any treasure they find to the PC game.

Find out more on the SAGA Kingdoms KickStarter page.


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