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Developer WEMADE Announces Legend of Ymir - A European Fantasy Game Mirroring Legend of MIR

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WEMADE, a Korean development studio behind the MIR series of games, has announced a new title called Legend of Ymir. In the tech demo announcement released by WEMADE Global, the Producer of Legend of Ymir explains that the upcoming title will adhere to the story of Legend of MIR, but will utilize Unreal Engine 5 as their first foray into a next-generation MMORPG.

Legend of Ymir aims to be a northern European reinterpretation of the story of Legend of MIR depicted in a fantasy setting. The game intends to utilize the same features that made the previous series so popular, which includes pvp-based gameplay. Not only will Legend of Ymir make use of Unreal Engine 5, but similar to their most recent game in the MIR series, MIR4, WEMADE intends to also utilize NFT’s which is expected to be leveraged in a Play 2 Earn capacity.

The team goes into further detail on how they utilize upscaling, an advanced texture system, and UE5’s Nanite and Lumen features to create a high-quality visual experience, that aims to run at consistent framerates at FHD, QHD and UHD resolutions. The team rounds out the video showing in-game footage of the current build of Legend of Ymir. As to be expected, the visual fidelity is top notch, however, no combat or advanced movement was shown.

MIR4 WEMADE’s latest game, released on Steam and Mobile back in August of 2021. The free to play MMORPG boasts cross-play between both platforms, and large scale PvP battles. MIR4 utilizes blockchain technology in a few different ways. One way is for players who earn enough dark steel, can then smelt them into a blockchain-based token and sell them to other players. Players can also tokenize their actual characters and trade them as NFT’s. Whether this exact system will translate to Legend of Ymir has yet to be disclosed, but the odds are looking pretty good that the blockchain usage will be identical.

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