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Developer Diary #1

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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MMHell has published a new developer diary for Gods and Heroes.  In what is billed as the first of a series, John "Yogi" Hughes briefly discusses instancing in the game.  Here's a bit of what he has to say.

I am excited about instances and what we plan to do with them in our game. I love playing them in other games but they still don't seem to really do it for me. Static is the word I am looking for, and also predictable. We are looking at changing this to essentially make instance gameplay more enjoyable.

Static and predictable instances *do* work well with games that want an instance to be a place where you do a few quests but is mainly a farming ground for people who want certain drops. So eventually, the players will have predicted every NPC movement and placement in the instance and will easily be able to kill the mobs and bosses to get their loot items. It's ok in my opinion to play the game like this if you like, and it's ok to have some static environments, but it gets old when that's all there is to an instance.

You can read the full piece at MMHell. 

For information on Gods and Heroes, visit the official website at this link.


Reed Hubbard