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Developer Crema Shows What's to Come in Temtem's Final Season

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Temtem's patch 1.7, launching in early June, brings a plethora of new content and updates to enhance the game. The new, and final season will also bring an arcade bar, new gear and techniques and much more.

One of the most significant additions is the Neon Reverie, the final season for Temtem. This season combines pop culture, urban lifestyle, and nostalgic themes, set in Cipanku. Neon Reverie serves as a colorful farewell to the seasonal content, marking an emotional end to the journey that has kept creature collector fans coming back for years. This is part of the slow and steady sunsetting of Temtem support and the winding down of monetization that the team mentioned in March.

A major highlight of patch 1.7 is the introduction of the long-awaited Arcade Bar. Initially a Kickstarter stretch goal, the Arcade Bar has evolved into a collection of classic 80s-style arcade games tailored to the Temtem universe. Players can indulge in games like Deniz Invaders, Innkball, Gharunner, and Project Temcard, each offering unique rewards for high scores.

In line with streamlining the game's economy, patch 1.7 will gradually phase out Novas, the premium currency, replacing them with Feathers. Novas will no longer be purchasable, and existing Novas in players' accounts will be rounded up to the nearest multiple of 50.

Activities and rewards that previously offered Novas will now provide Feathers, ensuring a smoother and more consistent experience. This transition includes boosting Feather rewards across several activities such as FreeTem!, Dojo Rematches, Postal Service, and various events in Tamer’s Paradise, making it easier for players to acquire both functional and cosmetic items.

Additionally, patch 1.7 introduces new gameplay elements, including three new Gears, a new Technique, and a new Synergy, to diversify and invigorate the meta.

The competitive team has also reviewed and adjusted Technique sets to address community feedback and balance issues. Players can jump into the final season on June 3rd. While 1.7 is the final season, there will be one more major update to Temtem in 1.8, and then the game will transition to more of a maintenance phase while Crema focuses on other projects. The team has been clear that they don’t plan on shutting the game down, but players shouldn’t expect much more than general bug fixes for the near future.


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