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Reed Hubbard Posted:
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The developers of Dark and Light recently held a chat with community members and fans this past Wednesday.  For those who were unable to attend, the transcript has been posted at the official website.  Here's a sample:

[16:34] [AD]Hochka: When attacking a fortress, are there alternative ways to enter, besides ramming the door, and dropping from the sky using a parachute?
[16:35] [AD]Hochka: Answer : Yes, you can climb up the walls as well, but beware the archers shooting you from the towers. Their aim is pretty good.

[16:36] [AD]Hochka: Will each god play a role defending a fortress with the same frequency for every god, provided people have similar divine faction values?
[16:37] [AD]Hochka: Answer : The divine faction can increase and decrease. Divine intervention will depend on how faithful a player is.

[16:38] [AD]Hochka: Can some spells grant you the abiliy to fly?
[16:39] [AD]Hochka: Answer : There will be no such spell, since we created an important transportation network.

[16:39] [AD]Hochka: Can a mounted creature swim?
[16:41] [AD]Hochka: Answer : Yes, every creature can swim.

For more information on Dark and Light, visit the official website at this link.


Reed Hubbard