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Reed Hubbard Posted:
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The team at Reakktor, the developer of Neocron, sat down for an interview over at Computer Games Magazine.  The subject of the chat was Neocron 2, the recently released sequel.  Here's a sample of what was discussed:

Computer Games - For Neocron 2, what were the developer's main goals?

Reakktor Media - Neocron 2 is a consequent successor of Neocron 1. It expands the game and overhauls it in all important aspects, without changing the feeling too much. As a player of Neocron 1, you will immediately find your way around in Neocron 2. Because of this, we even allowed the players to transfer their characters from NC1 to NC2.

Besides the new features, we expanded the game world by a large factor. There is a complete new city with its own unique atmosphere and all important facilities and of course a lot of additional new space.

Another important change is the polarization of the game-play between good and evil, between “Neocron City” and “Dome of York”.

Computer Games - Has there been any graphical improvements made for Neocron 2?

Reakktor Media - Although Neocron 2 is still based on our own Tekktonic technology, we managed to enhance the graphics a lot. Beside new engine capabilities like DX9 shading or higher texture resolution, a lot of graphical content was enhanced or even completely redeveloped. For example, the player models are based on completely new models and a new system. A big portion of the existing city of Neocron was also remodeled and new effects, darker textures, new walkways and stores were added.

The full text of the interview is available here.

For more about Neocron 2, visit the official website.


Reed Hubbard