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Destruction's Wake Arrives This Week in Diablo Immortal, Marking the First Anniversary

New region, Inferno Difficulty, new missions, gems, events, and a brand new combat mechanic

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Diablo Immortal gets its fourth, and largest, update so far, Destruction’s Wake, this week to mark the game’s first anniversary. 

They’re not kidding when the team says this is a big update. The new zone, Ancients’ Cradle, arrives, and it is a tribute to Sanctuary’s co-creators, Lilith and Inarius. There are three new limited-time events, a new skill for each class, a bump in server Paragon levels to 800, new demons, new Legendary items, a new set, three new Legendary Gems, and so much more.

Introducing the new zone, set on an island in the Forgotten Sea, comes with a new questline. The Lilin and Inari peoples are there, and their lineage, naturally, comes from Sanctuary’s two co-founders. As you pursue the Cult of Terror, they're going to try to purify the Worldstone, which would put the power of creation into the hands of Diablo if they succeed. 

In order to take on this questline you have to reach Hell Difficulty VI. You can explore a series of ruins, find out more and work to help restore the island through eight new sidequests and the main questline. 

That's not all, since this update also brings Inferno difficulty to Diablo Immortal. In order to unlock Inferno II and III, you will get to face the new Hearthrot Demons.

If you turn things up to Inferno difficulty you'll get access to the new leaderboards as well as new Legendary items and the new Stances combat mechanic. The new set, Seeds of Sown Gold,is also exclusive to Inferno dungeon drops. 

With Stances, you get a second set of weapon slots and you can equip items in those slots, with or without gems. 

 “All Classes have both an Offensive and Defensive Stance. They each provide unique passive bonuses that further the proficiencies of your Class and can be shifted between every 30 seconds while in combat. Upon switching Stances, the passive bonus will be thrice as strong for the first 3 seconds, allowing you to immediately reap the benefits of your Offensive or Defensive stance.”

Speaking of Gems, there are three new ones in the update: Exigent Echo, Ironbane, and Starfire Shard. 

The three limited time events include the Conqueror PVP match starting later this week, which will have all characters set to the same level and all gear set to the same starter level.

The update is set to go live with downtime that begins tomorrow in Oceania, Asian regions, and Europe, and early Wednesday in the Americas.

See the full notes over at Diablo Immortal.


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