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Destroy Your Enemies in New 5v5 Arena Mode

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Magerealm players can take it to the mat in the latest addition to the game. In the 5v5 arena, the new PvP mode is based on the classic capture the flag game. Two teams of 5 players each face off and work cooperatively to grab and control flags on the field.

Players are ranked individually in 5v5 Arena and earn personal rank titles as they climb, based on their total wins. The 5v5 Arena rankings will revolve around seasons (a season lasts 28 days). At the end of each season, players will receive a 5v5 Arena Chest with rewards based on their personal rank title. Players can also purchase items from the new 5v5 Arena Shop based on their rank title. Rankings will be reset at the end of each season and a new one will start.

Read more about this classic PvP action mode on the Magerealm site.


Suzie Ford

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