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Destiny's Sword to Combine Great Gameplay with a Unique Social & Emotional Twist

By Suzie Ford on May 03, 2019 | News | 0

After months of silence, the Destiny's Sword blog has come back to life with an introductory post to provide readers with a first-look at what developers believe is "a forward-looking, genre-altering MMO". Destiny's Sword combines the normal combat oriented mission style with a unique twist that involves the well-being of the characters. "The life of a combatant takes its toll over time and even the most hardened fighter needs time to recharge." the post reads.

The mental health of the player's characters is a core pillar of Destiny's Sword. Part of creating a balanced, healthy character will involve social interaction with others -- "cultivating empathy and cooperation in stark contrast to the anti-social focus of conventional online games". 

As you can see, Destiny’s Sword is about much more than typical combat progression. You will focus more on social progression through unique game mechanics designed to encourage camaraderie and fellowship with other players. Success is not based on how much you can individually win and hoard, but on how much you can contribute to the community to elevate those around you.

How is this accomplished? Using the proprietary Insight Engine technology, player characters will be able to express over 80 different feelings. Each of your characters will be affected by their combat experiences, interactions with other characters, random life events and by your decisions and actions throughout the game. Your characters can be wounded and killed, but can also suffer persistent mental health issues like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Developers have partnered with three organizations: "Take This, a mental health organization; Alda Communication Training; and Spartan Wellness, a Canadian veterans' support group". Each has provided expertise to create "a healthier gaming experience with promoting cooperation, compassion, and empathy". 

Destiny's Sword is targeting closed beta later in 2019 and a free-to-play open beta in early 2020. It will arrive first on PC, but later make the jump to consoles.

Check out the Destiny's Sword blog to read more.


Suzie Ford

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