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Destiny 2's Server Errors Plague Launch Day for Season 11

Error Code: Guitar

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Today’s Season 11 launch of Destiny 2 has not been without its share of errors and issues.

It looks like some folks are receiving Error Code: Guitar. As to what this is,

“The GUITAR error occurs when too many items aren't picked up off the ground in an activity, such as Gambit. The best way to ensure that this error doesn't occur is to make sure that items are being picked up off of the ground in those activities.”

The following items can fall to the ground causing this error,

  • Orbs of Light
  • Glimmer
  • Engrams (Rare, Legendary, Powerful, etc.)
  • Ammo (Kinetic, Special, Power)
  • Destination Materials

The solution from Bungie for now is to clear your console cache, or clear your download cache in Steam. This follows the live stream from earlier today where Bungie announced the future of Destiny 2, including the Beyond Light expansion this fall. This will be followed by The Witch Queen in 2021, and Lightfall in 2022.

Additional information shared was the upgrade on next gen consoles. Not only will the next gen console versions run at 4k and 60fps, your whole Destiny 2 experience will go with you. Meaning, if you purchased the game and DLC on current gen, you’ll receive their next gen versions free.


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