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Destiny 2's Latest Season, Season of the Splicer, Is Now Live Along With Armor Transmog System

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Destiny 2's latest season, titled Season of the Splicer, is now live in Bungie's looter MMOFPS. The season sees the return of the Vault of Glass raid as well as a new six-player seasonal activity.

This newest Season sees players also hacking a Vex sumulation in the six-player Override activity. One of the most iconic raids from the original Destiny makes a return as well, as Guardians will infiltrate the Vault of Glass again, starting on May 22nd. 

"For the uninitiated, VoG sees Guardians navigate fractures in time and space to find Atheon, Time's Conflux. The mysterious Vex awaits deep within the vault and must be shut down before it becomes unstoppable. This is not just a straight port, with quality-of-life changes introduced to make VoG feel more in line with player’s expectations today, as well as new challenges and triumphs and some old favorites waiting to be earned."

This season also brings the controversial Armor Synthesis transmog system to Destiny 2. Many Desinty 2 players have been up in arms about the system ever since it was revealed last month, with many players and critics alike blasting the system as a massive grind and more convoluted (and expensive) than it needs to be. Bungie has stated they are gathering the feedback, so hopefully for players who are upset at how the system is currently will see some relief as the team incorporates the feedback itself.

Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer will run from May 11th through August 24th. You can check out the season trailer in the embed below.


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