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Destiny 2's Guardian Games Return as All-Star Event, and You Can Unlock the Game's First Hoverboard

And help raise some money for charity along the way

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Destiny 2 brings back the Guardian Games competition, this time as an all-stars event. The event and offers new challenges, new rewards, and Destiny 2's first hoverboard.

The event starts on March 5th and runs for the  following three weeks. During that time, Hunters, Titans and Warlocks will compete for glory and the honor of a special statue in the Tower for the remainder of the year. The winning class will get that statue in the tower when all the dust has settled on the scoreboards. The event will feature a new scoring system this time around. 

One change adds Focus Activities,  a new feature that offers limited time boosts to various activities that, when used, offers extra Medallions to the winning classes. The event’s Contender Card will also introduce Diamond Medallions That you can earn weekly, the Champion Memento, and an Ascendant Alloy 

Then there’s the matter of that hoverboard to get your hands on. Everyone will get the chance to earn themselves the new Allstar Vector SKimmer, the game’s first hoverboard. As long as you earn and unlock it during the event,  you'll have permanent access to it afterwards. The new vehicle type will let you travel around the solar system, even performing tricks  and dabbling in a little rail grinding as you are riding to your destination. 

Earn some other goodies by completing Event Card challenges, including Hullabaloo, a new Compressed Wave Frame Grenade Launcher, Exotic emote, and more. If you upgrade the card, you can access more rewards, but you can earn a bunch just by playing through the event.

Bungie is also holding the third Guardian Games Cup as a fundraiser for the Bungie Foundation, and money raised during this event will go towards Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee.Teams of six compete in two separate categories, including the number of medallions they dunk during Guardian Games and the total amount each team raises. Every player who donates at least $10 or more will get a special Together in Contribution emblem (with another emblem at every $10).

Find out more details on the event, the new vehicle, the charities benefiting from the fundraising campaign, and more, over at Bungie.


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