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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is Live, With An All New Chapter, Weapon Crafting, a New Raid, and New Enemies

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After showing off her throne, introducing us to the Lucient Brood, and showing off the variety of weapons (including the all-new Glaive), The Witch Queen is now live for Destiny 2. It’s time to set out to take on Savathûn in her throne. The expansion brings new enemies, a new raid, and the Throne World to plot your tactics within a twisted new space.

The Witch Queen, which is Bungie's first entry in the finale of the Light & Darkness Saga for the game, continues that story in Destiny 2. Its release also begins the new season, Season of the Risen. The Light is under threat, being used by the Hive God Savathûn to create the Lucient Brood, a race of Light-infused Hive enemies she controls. This means you’ll need some new tactics and luckily, the expansion is poised to leave you well-equipped. 

This pack introduces weapon crafting to Destiny 2, where you’ll be able to craft various weapon types using the new system, choosing your mods, shaders, and stat pools for your preferred weapon style and power. The new Glaive is a special first-person melee weapon that can be used in various ways, including with special at-range abilities and possibly an energy shield.

The first raid from The Witch Queen, The Vow of the Disciple, will launch on March 5th. This raid features not just enemies to fight through and slay, but is designed specifically to test your ability to cooperate effectively and think quickly, all while taking care of threats.

This expansion has several versions, and the Deluxe and 30th Anniversary Bundle will be the only ones to get several instant unlocks for weapons, an emblem, and emote, but also exclusive access to two upcoming dungeons. This move was received with some controversy when it was revealed. 

The Witch Queen is out now on all platforms. For more, head over to the Destiny 2 site.


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