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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Is Launching On February 22, 2022

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Destiny 2's 2021 showcase kicked off with a bang, with Bungie giving fans the release information for the upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen. PLayers will be able to dive into the story that the team has building up to for the past seven years on February 22, 2022.

Bungie teased the upcoiming addition to the Destiny franchise, teasing the Lady Dimitrescu-esque Savathûn, with players exploring her Throne World in the new campaign. However, the Destiny 2 expansion doesn't stop there. A new weapon-type, the Glaive, was teased in today's showcase, giving a first glimpes at this new melee weapon (which can also fire off energy blasts). However, the team at Bungie was adamant that you don't earn this weapon through a chest or a drop - instead you're building this new weapon yourself.

Weapon crafting is coming to Destiny 2, with players building the weapon of their dreams in the MMOFPS. Players will be able to customize these weapons through perks, stats and much more.

Addionally, Destiny 2's next-next expansion (after Witch Queen and Lightfall) was announced today: The Final Shape. Bungie states that this is the end of the Light and Darkness saga, but not the end of Destiny 2

The showcase is still ongoing, which you can check out in the embed below.


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