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Destiny 2 - The Witch Queen Bringing New Raid, Changes to Power and Rewards Ahead of the Expansion

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Destiny 2’s expansion The Witch Queen lands on February 22nd, but this week, Bungie has updated on some things you’ll need to know ahead of the expansion's drop.

Power is getting some changes for The Witch Queen, and this will help both returning players and new players to be ready to take on the new campaign or a complete fresh start. The Power floor is getting an update to 1350 so that any player that starts the campaign will be at a level that will be appropriate for the new content. The floor is the minimum, so there will still be lots of opportunities to earn more Power and boost up.  Players will be able to reach the soft cap of Power by earning gear through just playing, and after they reach that cap they’ll be able to earn drops from vendor challenges and completing objectives in order to keep increasing upgrades.

In The Witch Queen, blue rewards will stop dropping from playlist activities like Strikes or Gambit once players have reached that soft cap of 1500 Power. After that, you’ll have a slightly increased chance of getting Legendary rewards from those activities or Legendary Shards. While you’re playing Destiny 2, weapons and armor will continue to drop from enemies and chests but reducing the number of blue rewards should help with inventory management since you won’t have as much clutter piling up to address.

Bungie has also announced that there will be a new raid in The Witch Queen. This is no surprise, and they’re still keeping info mostly under wraps as to what to expect.

“While we still have a bit of time before the world first race begins, we wanted to get a rally flag planted in the sand for when you should expect to be taking on the challenge“. 

This raid will open on March 5 at 10 AM Pacific time.

You can see all of the week’s updates, including economy and reward changes, as well as changes to power over at Bungie


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