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Destiny 2 The Final Shape Is Launching February 27th, 2024; Dropping Seasonal Model

Episodes instead of Seasons

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The next expansion for Bungie's Destiny 2 is coming next February. Titled "The Final Shape," the continuation of the MMOFPS storyline takes players inside the Traveler itself. Also coming are new Episodes, replacing the current Seasonal model for Destiny 2.

During its annual showcase, Bungie announced the upcoming expansion, which brings a conclusion to the Light and Darkness Saga the MMOFPS has been telling since the original game launched 10 years ago. The struggle between players and the entity known as The Witness comes to a head inside the Traveler itself, with players tackling the challenge alongside iconic characters such as Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey and more. 

The campaign brings a new destination to explore, The Pale Heart. Located inside The Traveler, The Pale Heart is the "first linear adventure" in the franchise's history, according to Bungie, and will see callbacks to previous points in the Light and Darkness Saga that Bungie has spent years weaving together.

New weapons, Super Abilities, and Aspects are coming to each Guardian class, including Void for Titans, Solar Warlocks, and Arc Hunters. The new Rocket Pistol Sidearm joins classic weapons coming back to Destiny 2, as well as a new Exotic Fusion Rifle.

Seasons Are Gone, Long Live Episodes

Destiny 2 is also getting a massive shake-up in how its content is fed throughout the year. To help combat player fatigue during the long grinds of seasons, Bungie is shaking up its formula with new Episodes instead. 

These episodes are meant to be more impactful updates,  with new missions, gear, and story being drip-fed throughout the 18-week episodes. Three episodes will release in 2024 and will be a standalone story told as part of the greater backdrop of The Final Shape. The new Episodes, titled Echoes, Revenant and Heresy, will launch starting in March 2024, with each Episode to be released throughout the year.

Despite the upcoming Episodes, the Seasons model must go on till then, with Season of the Witch. The latest season launches today, bringing more story to the MMOFPS leading up to the release of The Final Shape next year. Guardians are continuing their chase of The Witness, all while learning how to use Arcane Hive magic leading into the start of the upcoming expansion.

Season of the Witch also brings a reprised raid, Crota's End. The raid originally launched with the first Destiny in 2014, and is coming back to Destiny on September 1st. Season of the Witch also brings new Timeline Reflections to Destiny 2, which are short missions, allow for Guardians to look back on previous narrative events in the story, either to catch up or relive the events themselves.

Check out the showcase stream in the embed below.


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