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Destiny 2 Shows off Savathûn's Throne World With The Witch Queen Herself Presenting Her Power

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Savathûn, The Witch Queen herself, is coming. In a new preview for Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, we get a good look at the new environments and how Savathûn presents her power and her danger to all those who choose to defy and confront her. Get ready to face her and her forces in Destiny 2. In the video, titled Savathûn’s Throne World, we’re introduced to the brand new destination and get a good peek at the moody setting, the swamp, and throne room and a good look at the new enemies.

This is the first good look at both the Witch Queen herself and the kind of threat you'll face as a Guardian. Her forces, the Lucient Brood, are Hive enemies powered by the darker side of the Light that makes Guardians so special. But the Light here is more of a threat than a blessing, and that’s something to solve. You probably shouldn't underestimate them or the challenge coming. The queen threatens and she will try to deter you from going further, but in the new expansion, you'll get to find out more about her and unlock some secrets. Maybe one of those details will be key to beating her?

In addition to the new area and new threats, the expansion will feature Destiny 2's first weapon crafting feature and the opportunity to get a new weapon type, the Glaive. This 

Bungie's ongoing 30th anniversary is currently happening and should be fun to check out before the expansion's launch. Also coming soon is the conclusion to Season of the Lost, which will tie directly into The Witch Queen, as Savathûn is closer to being freed in the events of the season. this is, of course, where Bungie hopes you'll come in ready for a new challenge.

The Witch Queen will be out on February 22nd. For more, head over to Destiny 2.


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