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Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Adds Weekly Missions, Activities, and Fishing

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Destiny 2 opens up Season of The Deep with today's big update. In addition to new features, activities, story missions, and fishing, there are some special crossover items from various PlayStation franchises.

Season of the Deep runs through August 22nd, and opens up an assortment of new features, broadening what there is to do in the game. You’ll head back to Titan to investigate a mysterious signal from under the methane ocean, learning more about the Witness’ origins (and the Leviathan?). If you have the Season Pass, this update kicks off new weekly missions, Deep Dives, and includes Salvage, a new matchmade activity, and fishing. Yes, Destiny 2 now has a fishing minigame.

In Salvage, you get to explore the seafloor and attempt to recover Golden Age tech from various arcology structures on Titan. Of course, it won't be that simple,so expect the Lucent Hive and more enemies in various encounters. If you don’t own the Season Pass, you can have one free playthrough of Salvage, as Bungie is qualifying that taste of the action as a free trial. 

On Friday for those who own Lightfall and the annual pass or who have the Lightfall dungeon key, a new dungeon will unlock at 10 AM PT. This one will take place down in the depths and offer new rewards and new challenges. 

Sony is adding some armor ornaments and finishers that are inspired by characters from some PlayStation favorites, including Ghost of Tsushima’s Jin Sakai, Aloy, and Kratos. Other collaboration stuff up for grabs include a few bundles. One, The Last of Us-inspired Cordyceps Bundle, includes Clicker (Ghost), Blooming Terror (ship), and Quarantine Runner (Sparrow). There’s also an emote inspired by Ratchet & Clank.

This is a pretty robust seasonal update, and with weekly missions, instances, and fishing, even appeals a little extra to the MMO fan in us all.


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