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Destiny 2 Receives Patch 2.9.1, Receives Multiple Fixes

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It’s update day for Destiny 2 and today’s patch is all about fixes. We first found out the details of this patch in last week’s blog, which also provides a good overview of the major highlights.

  • Contact Events
    • Fixed an issue where the “Heavy Hitters” Triumph was not progressing when defeating bosses.
    • Fixed an issue where players could collect and bank 15 motes prior to unlocking the appropriate Prismatic Recaster rank reward.
  • Contact Weapons
    • Fixed an issue where Cold Denial and Falling Guillotine didn’t offer two perks in the final column when unlocking the “Umbral Enhancement III” gift on the Prismatic Recaster.
    • Fixed an issue where Falling Guillotine could continue damaging enemies after the Heavy attack animation had completed.
  • Sleeper Catalyst
    • Fixed an issue where reissued Seraph weapons were not granting progress to Catalyst objectives.
  • Last Wish and Garden of Salvation
    • Updated gear to have Season of Arrivals Max Infusion Caps.
  • Weekly Vanguard Bounties
    • Removed Scorn, Cabal, Vex, and Fallen variations of Weekly Bounties from the Season of Arrivals pool.

This is just a selection of the improvements coming to the game with today’s update. For the full patch notes, take a gander at the official update post.

Even though this patch addresses quite a bit, there are still some outstanding issues the team has shared they are currently working on:

  • The Lake of Shadows Nightfall is incorrectly requiring players to own Forsaken.
  • Players who finish this week's Means to an End quest who do not claim the Challenge Reward will be locked out of next week’s portion of the quest. Players will be able to progress the quest again the following week.
  • The Unfurl the Banner Crucible quest step updates when players reach the Mythic Valor rank, not the Fabled rank.
  • The Font of Light armor mod's description does not match its effect.
  • Witherhoard's projectiles can appear randomly on screen when it's stowed.
  • Seasonal mods for Season of Arrivals are not appearing in players’ Collections.
  • The Fate of All Fools perk for the Jade Rabbit scout rifle is not working as intended.
  • When Warlocks or Titans cancel their jump, they can sometimes auto-jump when landing.

Are you still playing Destiny 2? Does this update make your quality of life better? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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