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Destiny 2 Lightfall's Raid, Root of Nightmares, Opens Today And Has Already Been Cleared

Only took three hours

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Destiny 2's latest raid, which comes with the latest expasion Lightfall, dropped this morning, kicking off the race to World First. The raid, Root of Nightmares, was cleared within hours of it launching, taking one group just under three hours to complete the raid as the World First race kicked off.

The raid was associated with a World First Race today, giving Fireteams 48 hours to complete the Lightfall raid with a few requirements, such as a power cap at 20 under each encounter, in order to potentially earn the World First title and title belts.

Well, it seems one team has done so, beating the raid in about two and a half hours. It makes for one of the shortest raid world firsts in Destiny 2's history, beaten by Scourge of the Past and a few others, according to Destiny Raid Report.

Bungie has stated it has received reports of the World First completion in a post on Twitter, though it is still stating it has to verify. However, Twitch stream clips have surfaced showing the raid completion, showing a team led by streamer RoenXD completing the raid. 

We're working on our Destiny 2 Lightfall review as we type this, waiting on the Raid to launch to experience it before full evaluating the title. Expect our full review next week, but if you're interested in our initial thoughts on the Strand and the story of Lightfall, check out our Review-in-Progress here.


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