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Destiny 2 Lightfall Trailer Shows Off the Darkness-Based Strand Subclass

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Destiny 2’s  Lightfall expansion got a feature at The Game Awards tonight, with the latest trailer, showing off the new subclass Strand and the return of  Legendary mode for the expansion, out on February 28, 2023,

The new trailer takes us into the metropolis of Neomuna, a glowing, technologically advanced secret city, where the Guardians will face the Soldiers of the Shadow Legion, with dangers and challenges. 

The highlight is seeing the new subclass Strand, which is an elemental manifestation of the Darkness. This is the second Darkness-based subclass, in Destiny 2. Deciding to wield this power will mean that you’ll have the ability to see, pull at, and use some of the most sophisticated and connected powers around. Getting a peek at this new subclass in action is only going to get people more excited for the expansion when it's out in February.

Legendary mode is back as well For everyone who's looking for a bigger challenge and bigger rewards.


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