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Destiny 2 Lightfall Launches February 28th, 2023, Unveils Strand Powers Including A Grappling Hook

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Destiny 2's showcase gave a look at the upcoming expansion, Lightfall. The MMOFPS is releasing its next major expansion on February 28th, 2023. During the showcase, the Bungie team showed off a new power Guardians can use, Strand.

The new trailer shows off the upcoming conclusion to the Light and Dark saga that has run through Destiny 2, bringing players to Neptune. During today's reveal, the trailer showcases a Cyberpunk-esque city, as well as introduces The Witness as Guardians fight the Shadow Legion.

Coming with Lightfall is a new power: Strand. This psychic power gives each guardian class a new subclass as well as a new way to traverse maps: energy-based grappling hooks. 

The showcase also showed off the upcoming Season of Plunder, seeing Space Pirates take over Destiny 2. Board ships, raise a glass, and generally swashbuckler, but in Space. Literally, Space Pirates. Players will be forming their own pirate fleet to go treasure hunt, such as relics and more. There are also new operations for players to take part in, including one that sees teams of six board enemy ships and take the action right to opposing pirates.

You can check out the showcase (which is still going on) in the embed below.

Joseph Bradford @ Aug 23, 2022 12:33 PM

Destiny 2 is also coming to the Epic Games Store. If you're looking to jump into Destiny 2 and grab it this week, players will get a copy of Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary, free.

Destiny 2 is also coming to Fortnite in a new crossover starting today. 


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