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Destiny 2: Forsaken Annual Pass Event Invites Players to Visit the Black Armory

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Destiny 2: Forsaken's Annual Pass event has kicked off today that brings a plethora of new content that will roll out from now through August 2019. The Annual Pass expands the endgame for players "and provides an additional layer of challenge and reward for the most dedicated players". Over the coming nine months, new content will roll out across three distinct seasons, "each with their own evolutions to the player experience".

According to Bungie, the new content that starts with Black Armory kicks off a new content delivery type that creates "a world that is constantly changing and evolving as updates continue to unfold". Starting with the very first week, players will be granted access to the Volundr Forge, a co-op activity that lets players create and "claim new weapons" and the Black Armory opens a new raid in a new setting.

Throughout Season of the Forge, players will be able to visit the Black Armory, reignite Lost Forges, and earn new weapons, alongside updates for all Destiny 2 players including live events such as The Dawning and Crimson Days. All Destiny 2: Forsaken players will be able to grow their power by 50. Black Armory’s seasonal content will begin rolling out today through March 4, 2019.

The Annual Pass is available for all platforms for $35 or is already part of the Digital Deluxe Edition ($80).

Learn more on the Destiny 2 site.


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