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Destiny 2 Bug Doubles The Guardians In Raids

12 man raid in Destiny?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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What if you can double the size of your Fireteam in Destiny 2 to tackle some of the hardest content in the game? Well, the Destiny 2 community has done just that, uncovering a big that allows 12 Guardians to join in on Raids, Nightfdalls and Dungeons.

The glitch requires precise timing to execute, with two Fireteams joining together with pinpoint coordination. As two Fireteams get ready for an activity, the leader of the first Fireteam will select the activity, be it raid, dungeon or Nightfall, the group wants to do. Those joining will join up with a second Fireteam, waiting. Once the first Fireteam queues up for the mission, when the timer hits 2 seconds, the second Fireteam leader will join, bringing all their players with them. Both Fireteams will end up in the mission together, scything down enemies like stalks of wheat.

Obviously this is not how Bungie intended their raids to be played, though until the team can fix it there's really nothing stopping Fireteams from having a little fun with the glitch. The Destiny team is aware of the glitch, though, with a tweet from Bungie's senior community manager making a tongue-in-cheek comment on Twitter.

You can check out the glitch in action in the video embedded below.

Ta, Polygon.


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