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Despite a Small Delay, Fractured's Playtest is Live

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Steven Weber Posted:
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Earlier today Dynamight Studios delayed Factured’s playtest by 3 hours due to an unforeseen health event, but was able to get the game live around 11:00 EST. The increase of new players hit Fractured’s Discord with some mixed reactions to the latest playtest.

As expected of a game in Alpha, players flocking to Fractured’s open playtest have had mixed feelings about the game. As the discord filled up with opinions, ranging from positive changes the developers have made, to flat out knee-jerk criticism, the general takeaway from the play test so far is that Dynamight Studios has made progress, but they still have a long way to go.

Fractured has been slowly pushing forward with updates and changes, making the game more user friendly, while expanding their testing when they can. The current open playtest is set to end January 3rd, so if you’ve been mulling over jumping in, you only have a few days to check it out.


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