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Depths of the Abyss Live in EVE Online

Master the Abyssal Deadspace

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Good news, Capsuleers. Depths of the Abyss is now live in EVE Online. Here’s what you need to know.

This latest update introduces a few new tiers to Abyssal Deadspace. In effect, these changes will allow newbies to the Abyss to have a more accessible experience. However, it’ll still provide ample challenges and rewards.

If you’re new, you can feel free to experience Abyssal Deadspace without that constant fear of dread and danger. The goal of this is allow you to become more familiar with the environment and understand what you can expect.

Additionally, you’ll be able to enter Abyssal Deadspace in a team comprising of two Destroyers. This includes Tech 3. Therefore, you’ll be able to enter alongside the solo Cruiser and 3x Frigate. Moreover, if you’re experienced with Abyssal Deadspace, new Tier 6 pockets will entice you with even greater rewards. You can read more about this latest update here.

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