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Demonic War is Live in Revelation Online with City of the Demon Gods, New Guild Raid and More

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The latest update for Revelation Online is here and it brings a new dungeon, a new collection, and the return of the City of the Demon Gods dungeon for the Demonic War update.

The City of the Demon Gods dungeon returns but there is a new challenge this time called Treacherous Deities in this challenge, you’ll have to destroy the Demon Emperor, Relius, and his fourth servants in a group of up to 10 players for some really sweet loot.

There’s also a new elemental guild raid where you have to fight five elemental bosses for even more rewards. So how will this work? Each of the bosses will represent a negative emotion so there will be challenges based on what it represents. You will  be able to fight this in both normal or competitive difficulty mode. First up is normal mode, with up to 30 players for characters 59 and above. You’ll have to start with normal mode and you can eventually earn the chance to fight in competitive mode. You’ll be able to fight in normal mode three times a week and competitive mode once a week.

You will have to fight a sky fire demon, an ancient forest guardian, a howling wind spirit, a twisted water serpent, and an ancient mountain spirit in order to complete the dungeon and claim victory. So what could your rewards be? Book of enchantment materials, new soul grid advancement and reward materials, strengthening items for your battle companion. You’ll also have a chance to earn something extra if you defeat all five of the elemental bosses. This one will take all your skill so you’ll have to get a group together and gear up to take on the different challenges.

Also in this update are new cosmetics, new combat flares and more. See the official update post for more.


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