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Deloria: Alpha Phase 3.

Matthew Goodard Posted:
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April 29, 2003: Deloria Phase 3 Paradox  

The new website for Deloria Alpha Phase 3 is still under construction. As the progress of Phase 3 continues, so will the progress of the website.

Soon to be listed on this site will be images and descriptions of both characters and monsters you can play/encounter in Deloria Phase 3.


  April 29, 2003: Deloria Alpha Phase 3 sign-up  

Please remeber that the first testing of Deloria Alpha Phase 3 will be private testing only. To be eligable to test, you need to have a level 50 or higher character on either server in Deloria Alpha Phase 2.2. Your account also needs to be in good standing, meaning you have not been banned for any reason.

If you meet these requirements, you can sign-up on the Deloria Alpha Phase 3 Application form. Do not sign-up if you do not meet these requirements, as you will not be chosen.

When the Deloria Alpha Phase 3 Private testing is complete, anyone will be able to play.



Matthew Goodard