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Defiance 2050's Mutant Free Paradise Week 4 Ends Tomorrow

Take out those minigunners

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Defiance 2050 has revealed that Week 4 of their Mutant Free Paradise community event is set to end tomorrow, May 5.

For week 4, players are tasked with killing a total of 15,000 specific minigunners which carry these nameplates:

  • Experienced Minigunner
  • Formidable Minigunner
  • Hardened Minigunner
  • Veteran Minigunner
  • Minigunner

If the community reaches this target before May 5 at 10a PDT, rewards for Defiance 2050 will include 6x 99 Problems Cache. If the target isn’t met in the required time, rewards include 2x 99 Problems Cache for Defiance 2050. If the target is reached, Defiance players will receive 1 x Cleansing Napalm Supply Crate+2 x Premium Ex Inanis Supply Cache, while receiving 2 x Premium Ex Inanis Supply Cache if the target is not met.

In addition to these rewards, the top three players who contributed most will receive a new forum title and Discord title called “Mutant Fighter.” This title will last until July 1. The team notes that this reward is optional and will be applied to qualified players after the event concludes.

To learn more about the event, check out the full post here.


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