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Defend Sandwurm Eggs From Enemy Waves in New World's Siege of Sulfur Event

For glory and loot.

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Next week, New World will begin the Siege of Sulfur event, challenging players to defend sandwurm eggs from waves of enemies for some potential and some guaranteed rewards.

The concept is simple enough. Teams of 10 + max level players can group up to defend a bunch of sandwurm eggs from waves of the Sulfur Elementals that will be attempting to destroy them.  defeat the enemy waves and protect as many eggs as possible. the onslaught is coming and you'll be able to participate  in a number of locations around Aeternum. Head over to Brightwood, Ebonscale Reach, Edengrove, Mourningdale, and of course, Brimstone Sands. 

The  eggs are shielded at first, but those shields will not hold back all of the Elementals rushing in. The waves will scale up in difficulty, and the rewards you will earn are always depending on your results. there are standard rewards, as well as a series of guaranteed bonus rewards.

Participation and the ability to earn standard rewards is unlimited, so you don't have a daily cap on what you can get. Defend one egg and you'll have a chance of rewards like procedural weapon or armor piece for your level, and items from the Global Named list or the Brimstone Named list. This is in addition to consumables and a 50% chance to earn one Obsidian Gypsum, which you can earn three times a day if you're lucky enough.

Defend two eggs and you'll have a chance at a number of other rewards. If you defend all three eggs, you'll get a guaranteed Obsidian Gypsum and a better chance at some significant rewards.

You can get bonus rewards up to three times a day, and this cap is due to the value of the rewards. We're talking guaranteed procedural weapon and armor piece at Epic+, chances at Named gear, and even some decorative pieces like a chance at a sandwurm hat skin or the sandwurm egg housing item.

The event begins August 30th and ends September 12th. See details at New World.


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