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Defeat Dungeon Bosses, Get Loot As The Undaunted Celebration Returns to The Elder Scrolls Online

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It's time again to mark The Undaunted Celebration in The Elder Scrolls Online. The PVE event will start next week and you can earn rewards by completing dungeons. With the recent release of The Lost Depths dungeon-focused DLC, this is another chance to grab some goods.

The Undaunted Celebration returns on September 8th at 10 AM Eastern time and run until September 20th at 10 AM Eastern. You can pick any dungeon once you complete the introductory quest called "Glory of the Undaunted”. Once you've picked up that quest and completed it, you'll be ready to earn your rewards. 

After you complete your first dungeon of the event and slay the final boss, you’ll get a  Glorious Undaunted Reward box.This will only happen for the first dungeon you complete during the event period, as subsequent dungeon victories will get you a normal Undaunted Reward box for every final boss you defeat and loot during the event. There's another opportunity to earn an Undaunted Reward box every day when you complete, Bolgrul’s Daily Undaunted Delve quest. 

What you can get from these boxes include a guaranteed chance to drop an item set piece from the dungeon in which you acquired the box. So if you're looking for particular pieces that you might be missing, you might want to target a particular dungeon to claim your rewards. Other possible rewards from normal boxes include motif style pages, a Crown Repair kit, 1,000 gold or an Undaunted Key. Glorious Undaunted boxes have an additional chance to drop Opal monster weapon styles. Defeat your final bosses in dungeons on veteran or hard for a chance to grab Opal Monster Mask Style pages.

Overall, this event will also let you get event tickets, would you can exchange at the impresario for things like Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet fragments, Daggerfall Paladin costume fragments, and more.

See the event announcement over at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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