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December Crowfall Dev Update Points to Balance Pass and Passive Slot Removal

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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The December update from the Crowfall team points to several tweaks and changes as part of their monthly Q&A sessions.

You can watch the full stream embedded below, but here are some highlights which may be of interest. First up, a balance pass is coming to all races as part of update 5.110. Additionally, several powers will receive additional polish and tweaking.

While the “cancel combo” option will be added back, passive slots are getting axed. Passives will instead be automatically activated. Sticking with ability slots, major discipline slots will now cost five talent points to unlock them. However, the team here states that this is temporary until discipline talent trees are implemented.

Finally, there will be no talent point cost to exploration disciplines any longer, while immunity disciplines are set to be removed.


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