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December 14th is Officially 1000 Days of Sea of Thieves - Login for a Special Reward

1000 Days of Thieving Seems... Like Overly Excessive Thieving

Steven Weber Posted:
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December 14th is a special day for Sea of Thieves as it marks their 1000th day of the game being live since launch in April of 2017. While most games generally celebrate annual milestones, Rare is making an exception and providing players who login between December 13th and December 16th with a special 1000 Days Eyepatch.

The 1000 days eyepatch will be available only for a limited time, but a super special golden ‘M’ edition of the eyepatch will be provided only to those that have been with the game since day one. Either way, logging in to the game during the next couple days will provide players with a reward that will show in your vanity chest within 72 hours, with the Golden M will be provided next week after the log-in window has closed.

Sea of Thieves has had numerous updates this year, including the Vault of Ancients which rolled out in September. If you haven’t logged in to check out what you may have missed, you may consider doing so in the next few days, at least you’ll get some free cosmetics out of it!


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