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Death Returns...But Only If You're Pushing Up Daisies

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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If you manage to die in Adventure Quest 3D, you'll get a chance to see some awesome Death artwork provided only to those who are pushing up daisies. The new respawn wait screen brings back an old favorite from games past with veteran players sure to appreciate the new artwork from "Dage".

In addition to the eye candy, players will occasionally be able to listen in on some "witty banter from the underworld". According to devs, it's more than just death jokes. "In cases where your respawn time is longer, or dependent on the actions of others (like in dungeons where you cannot respawn until your party clears the current room) it will be explained in a speech bubble". 

Check out the Adventure Quest 3D site to read more about potions and  even a bonus story ("Grindwood").


Suzie Ford

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