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Death Knight Class, New Event, and More Coming to Lineage 2

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Lineage 2 has received the Death Knight in its latest update, a 3v3 team match, a new event, and more.

In a press release, details were shared on the new update. The Death Knight is able to turn into a flaming skeleton and is accessible for three races: Humans, Light Elves and Dark ones. Each race has its own element with a number of unique abilities useful in PvP.

The 3v3 team match has been introduced for the first time with the update. In this mode, both allies and enemies are randomly selected, and players will only have a couple of minutes to get buffs and think through tactics.

Finally, “Battle for the Orc Fortress” is now available in the game. Now the players will have to regain the Fortress standard from monsters and other players alone or together with their clans. In addition, one more castle — Goddard — has been opened for sieges. New high-level hunting areas and an extended list of rewards for random crafting have been added.

You can learn more about the update here.


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