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Dead Cells to End Development After Seven Years

Casey Bell Posted:
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Dead Cells developers Motion Twin and Evil Empire released a statement on Steam this week informing the community of the team’s plans to release the game’s final patch before moving on to new projects.

After seven years, Dead Cells’ development will end with the release of Update 35 ‘The End is Near’ which still doesn’t have a release date, though the team reassures fans that they’re “all hands on deck” on getting the update out the door.

Update 34 ‘Clean Cut’ meanwhile, still hasn’t made it to mobile platforms, but the team has plans to get it in player’s hands by end of year.

The decision to end development on Dead Cells came after a period of reflection, particularly after the game’s successful launch of its ‘Return to Castlevania’ collab DLC last year. Not looking to overstay its welcome and continue to make “more of the same” the team came to the conclusion that it was time to “pursue new adventures.” Players of the game won’t be left out in the cold as Motion Twin used this statement to reaffirm its commitment to finding solutions to address quality-of-life issues and bug fixes going forward.

This isn’t to say that there won’t be more Dead Cells, it’ll just be an exploration of the IP outside of the original game. Motion Twin promises news on the Dead Cells animated series, board game and more to come.


Casey Bell