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DDoS Attack Targeted Final Fantasy XIV North American Data Center This Week

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 Final Fantasy XIV was on the receiving end of a DDoS attack this week that affected service on the North American data center and associated servers. While the attack has ended, there may be residual issues.  

The team reported on Wednesday that there were documented difficulties with the network and that it was due to a DDoS attack. Subsequently, there may have been intermittent issues affecting player experiences, including:

?Disconnected from NA data center Worlds

?Difficulty logging in to NA data center Worlds

?Difficulty accessing, sending, and receiving data from NA data centers

There was an update late in the evening saying that the attack had lasted from approximately  9:53 AM to 11:24 AM PST on March 9th. The update noted there might still have been some issues to work out in the system, but everything should mostly be recovered back to normal.  This is some relief for a game that has been hammered by demand, which has been easing enough to begin letting more players in again, including new ones.

On Wednesday, a number of players were reporting that their sessions suddenly went down or they couldn’t log in.  

Meanwhile, the FFXIV team is continuing to crack down on spammers and RMT activity. The latest roundup for the period between March 3-March 9th shows that the team banned 814 accounts for RMT/ prohibited activities, and 121 accounts for RMT advertising. These bans come as the team has confirmed these attempted transactions and spam via investigations and player reports. The previous report, ranging from February 24-March 3 was even higher, with 4.269 accounts banned for RMT/prohibited activity, 144 banned for RMT advertising, and 4 accounts banned and 4 suspended for botting.

Meanwhile, another recent issue for the game, which began letting players link their Steam accounts and launch the game solely through Steam, has been resolved. The original issue was with the use of non-alphabetical characters in Steam usernames.


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