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DDO Update 47 Available on Preview Server Until Tomorrow

Bunch of changes to quests, characters, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Update 47 for Dungeons & Dragons Online will be available on the Lamannia preview server until tomorrow, June 25.

Included in this update are several changes and bug fixes. Changes to characters, items, and quests are implemented. For example, characters see the following changes, all addressing Warlocks,

  • Warlock Focused Blast Range has been increased by 20%
  • Warlock's Mage Armor pact spell now appears at the correct spell level
  • Warlock: Celestial Pact's description now properly states that it requires non-chaotic rather than must be good

Additionally, the update will include features such as Legendary The Lord of Blades, Legendary The Master Artificer, Legendary A Vision of Destruction, a new standalone dungeon called The Promise of Flames, and new named loot.

Additional miscellaneous changes to this update include:

  • VIP's now gain +1% Quest Completion XP per party member.
  • Spell DCs by school and tactical bonuses are now visible on the character sheet details (+) tab
  • Warforged and Bladeforged characters now properly display footprints while Death Follows You is toggled on.
  • NPC Gnome Male Hairs are now weighted properly, and will not drift away from the head during animations.
  • Fixed a bug causing some accounts to not adhere to character slot limits. When logging into the game, if you have more characters then slots, you will get a dialog box to allow you to select which characters are playable.

Check out the full update here if you’re interested in hopping into the preview server.


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