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DDO Update 45.1 Features Many Tweaks to Classes

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Update 45.1 for Dungeons & Dragons Online sees several enhancements for various classes.

Specifically, the Alchemist, Barbarian, Druid, and Paladin see tweaks:


  • Apothecary's Inflict Critical Wounds SLA in Tier 5 now properly requires Character Level 12.
  • Apothecary's Panacea Poultice now correctly enforces its touch range.
  • Apothecary's Panacea Poultice can now benefit from Metamagics.
  • Apothecary's Alchemical Shield effects are now applied and removed more consistently. 
  • Master Apothecary now properly increases its Max Caster Level.
  • Alchemists can now take Improved Mental Toughness and Epic Spell Focus.
  • Vile Chemist's Wave of Poison and Greater Wave of Poison SLA's now properly count as Ceruleite spells. 


  • Angry Arms and Mad Munitions now grant their proper Strikethrough values.
  • Focus Wide now grants its listed Strikethrough value.
  • Seeker's Strike has been fixed to work with great axes and great swords again.


  • Druid bear attacks Maul, Great Maul, Shred, and Relentless Onslaught now work with Strikethrough.


  • Glorious Stand now grants its proper hit points.
  • Paladin Divine Sacrifice now properly adds +2[W], and adds in Passion's effects (upgraded): On damage: gain +15 Temporary Spell Points. (The U45 Release Notes listed an additional Melee Power buff; this was in error.)
  • Improved Turning now includes its proper light dice.
  • Righteous Command's tooltip now properly lists its Sacred bonus.
  • Stalwart Pact's tooltip has been corrected.
  • Knight of the Chalice Attack and Damage bonuses with Favored Weapons will now be applied and removed more consistently.
  • Smite Evil (melee) no longer erroneously hits twice.
  • Exalted Smite (melee), Smite Evil (ranged), and Exalted Smite (ranged) now properly trigger effects that are supposed to trigger when Smite Evil is used. 
  • Holy Retribution now properly adds Sunder bonuses to its DC and is no longer a Channel Divinity.

The rest of the update touches on changes to items, quests and adventure areas, spells, races, and UI.


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