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DCUO's Next Episode is Wonderverse, Releasing August

Multiverse is collapsing

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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DC Universe Online has announced their next episode, called Wonderverse.

Set to release in August, the new episode will feature a multiverse with Wonder Woman at the center of it all. The source wall has apparently cracked which is leading to the collapse of the multiverse. Wonder Woman will need to find the fragments of the Source Wall in order to repair it and save the multiverse.

SJ Mueller, Creative Director for DCUO, shared some additional information on the upcoming episode,

“What’s my favorite thing about this episode? Without a doubt, the opportunity to create the concept of the Wonderverse! Nothing like it’s ever been done before in DC’s comics and it fits in perfectly in DCUO. We had the councils of Lex Luthor and Batman – why not Wonder Woman? Who else is better at leading us into the battle of our lives?"

This episode is set to be larger and will feature level-agnostic events for a limited time. Additionally, new and old enemies will be featured like the Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Grail, Darkseid, and Orion. There will be Wonder Women from five different universes, and will feature new rewards, new gear, new styles, and more.


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