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DCUO Episode 41 Launches August, Adds Allies System, Endgame Changes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The DC Universe Online team is back with their July 2021 Development Update with key items including the release of Episode 41 this august. Additionally, the update outlines new membership and access level details.

Episode 41 is called House of Legends which the team notes is a “significant departure” from the traditional formatted episodes. This episode’s main focus will be new features and improvements to DCUO. As a quick aside, the team announced earlier this year that all episodes will be made free ahead of this summer’s expansion.

The community update assures Episode 41 will still include plenty of content, rewards, and gear. Episode 42 later this fall will return to that traditional episode format with a focus on raids and more.

Episode 41 will include a new shared hero and villain social hub called the House of Legends. The team notes this hub will be similar to the Watchtower or Hall of Doom with the primary difference being size and increased functionality.

Allies will be a new system added as part of Episode 41. You’ll be able to find iconic DC characters and recruit them as your allies, which you can then summon for battle. Allies at launch will include Cyborg, the Flash, Zoom, Flashpoint Wonder Woman, and more.

Episode 41 will also included revamped On Duty and Quick Play as well. The big news is the new approach to past content:

  • Combat Rating Relevancy will be REMOVED FROM THE GAME. Period. Paragraph. Full stop.
  • Loot lockouts will be entirely removed from not-end-game content. Mic drop. Panderus out.

Additionally, non-endgame content will now always provide full Source Marks rewards. Non endgame content will also “stat clamp” you such that this content isn’t a cakewalk. Finally, endgame content won’t reward Source Marks.

On those points, the update notes:

You will not feel weak when you return to not-end-game content. In opening up the entire not-end-game to *literally* endless play, we strongly believe the experience will be more fun for everyone if the content plays somewhat similar to how it was designed. 

You will not be hurting for Source Marks. In opening up the entire not-end-game to *literally* limitless Source Marks rewards, we strongly believe these systems as a whole will make much more sense to everyone in the future if there is a clear divide between what rewards Source Marks and what does not.”

You can read the full update here. Elsewhere in DCUO, the team recently made it easier to report toxicity.


Poorna Shankar